Plastic Play Yards For Toddlers

Toddlers love to crawl, and as they get older they love to walk, even though they may not be very good at it at first. Spring and summer are the time to be outdoors. The problem for many is that they don’t have a fenced-in lot for toddlers.
Luckily, plastic play yards were made to solve this problem. They are an expansion on the idea of a playpen, designed to be placed outside. Many are wider than the average in-house playpen. Created from plastic, they are weather-resistant, and most can be transported and set up easily in the yard because they are foldable with built-in handles. You can buy them in the classic white, or for even more baby appeal, purchase the multi-colored version.
There’s plenty of room for baby to play with her favorite toys outdoors, while you soak in the sun nearby. The open lattice style allows you to keep an eye on your baby while he or she is playing. You can also use the play yard to safely contain a favorite pet.
Plastic play yards allow you a little more freedom to relax and enjoy the summer weather yourself, while your baby enjoys playing safely near you.